About us

I have been admiring our four-legged friends from my childhood. My dobermanns are with me from the end of the 80’s. I reached a breeder’s biggest dream with them: In 2012, two of my dogs won the highest, most prestigious exhibition victory at the breed show. About 5 years ago a wonderful welsh corgi moved into my life, and she endeared the breed with me. Believe it or not, the two breeds are not so different. Both breeds are a great companion, a family dog, a little headstrong, but always follow orders. My goal is healthy and great-looking puppies to be born in my breed. My website is updating constantly, I am looking forward to all visitors! I wish you pleasant browsing!

Fresh news

Our puppies were born! 

Kölykeink születtek! 

Fabulous beginning for my lovely boy, Andvol Korsar at double IDS in Skopje! 

Nagyszerű kiállítás kezdés Andvol Korsar kutyámnak Skopjéban!