17.03.201. Pécs IDS

  • DAIQUIRI in youth class V1, HPJ, BOB she is only 9,5 months old
  • MANGO in open class V1, CAC, CACIB


In the first officiel FCI show in Kuwait won YERED BEST IN SHOW I. place! Congratulations too the owner Ali Zanki!


17.02.2018. British Australian Pastoral Dog Clubshow Judge: Mr Morten Matthes (DK)

  • Our new little boy Andvol Korsar in baby class VP1, Baby Club Winner 2018!!
  • Daiquiri in Puppy class VP1, Puppy Club Winner 2018!!!

19.01.2018. British Shepherd Club Dinner

Mango received Special awards for JUNIOR CLUB STAR 2017


03.12.2017. President CUP - Budapest Bíró: Mr. Giancarlo Sambucco

Mango in Open class V1, CAC, R.CACIB


17.10.2017. Breeding test Gödöllő


15.10.2017. Szeged CAC Dog Show Judge: Szabó Sándor

  • Mango Intermedierclass V1, CAC
  • Daiquiri Béby class VP', Best Baby!With this result she becoume Minnor Puppy Champion!

24.09.2017. Komárom CAC Dog Show Judge: Róbert Kotlár

  • Sweet Mango in Junior class V1, HPJ, BOB!!! With this results she becoume HUNGARIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!!!
  • Sweet Daiquiri in Baby class VP1, Best Baby!

17-09-2017. Gödöllő Ausztrál és Angol Pásztorkutya Klubkiállítás Bíró: Edith Soltes

I'm extremely happy with our result after Aapkk Special Club Show weekend!!! 
Sweet MANGO Exc1, HPJ, Best Junior and RESERVE JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!!!!
Sweet DAIQUIRI our little hope in her first show VP1, and RESERVE BABY BEST IN SHOW 
Thank you so much to the well respected specialist judges Edith Soltesz, Boris Cavillac and Gábor Hargitai.


10-12. 09.2017. IDC Hungary

Congratulations for the owners, I'am very proud for me boy :-)


07.2017 National Breeding Examen

Honeybee King of Darkness successfull passed National Breeding Examen!


10-11.06.2017 Székesfehérvár CACIB kutyakiállítás

Mangoin shez first shows doit great! In the first day in junior class V2, second day V1, HPJ, BEST JUNIOR!



Our second corgi litter has born! We have 4 beautiful and strong corgi puppies: 1 tricolor male, 1 red-white female and 2 tricolor females!



We have puppies from the combinations Grafit di Perlanera and You Too King of Darkness4

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