I sincerely believe that the Dobermann is a special family member, with a big heart full of love and fondness, who will only be happy if they are kept together with a loving My very first Dobermann arrived to me in 1992. It was then that I recognized and appreciated the intelligence, the real dobermann characteristic of determination and the beauty of this breed.


I have a very modest kennel, devoting as much time as I possibly can, and looking after their every needs, there is no place in my home and garden that is restricted to them, they can enjoy thier freedom in my home to the maximum extent possible. They do not live their lives in kennels, nor in cages, and are real friends, in fact family members who are treated as such.



It is also a very important aspect for me that they are regularly taken for medical check-ups, and that their temperament and characters are evaluated, because it is important for them to attain their ZTP. They should also be trained, not only for my own convenience, but for their future owners to be able to handle the dog with ease and pleasure. 



Because I do not own a large number of dogs, I am only able to produce at my kennel a small amount of puppies annually, and I devote as much time to the puppies as possible during each 24 hours. Until the puppy finds his or her owner, in the meanwhile it is exposed to many new enviromental changes, and continually is meeting new people and other dogs. The character of the puppies are under constant evolution, and of course I am always available to help the prospective owner when they make a choice of puppy. 



I do not give away nor sell puppies to pet shops, dealers, or security workers, nor for the protection of property, so therefore I ask those not to approach me with requests for puppies.